Our wood is eco-friendly and doesn't harm the environment

Sustainable business

We are a small family business and each of us love nature. We are concerned about climate change and it consequences. That is why we strive to operate as sustainable as possible and we try to minimize our ecological footprint as much as possible. Our goal is to work carbon neutral before 2030. We already work energy-neutral at the office. Besides that, we contribute to sustainable forest management via our donations, we make cutlery from the wood that remains after production, and our packaging is made from recycled paper.

Fair trade

We partnering with local family-owned businesses of master artisans from developing regions in Vietnam, having direct communication with woodworkers to guarantee fair market prices for their wood products.

Positive effect

Our woodworkers use age-old woodworking techniques, to incorporate local tradition and culture into every piece of our collection, giving an unique touch and story behind each of our products. Through our artisan-made offerings, we aim to support the economic and social livelihoods of our network of artisans.


Do you know that Khaya products can have a second life even after extensive use? Reuse them for various purposes, like using wooden cups for holding pens or toothbrushes, bowls for bath salts or small soaps, or serving plates for jewelry. Reusing extends the product's lifespan and contributes to a sustainable future.